From passionate entrepreneurs, to experienced, heavy-hitting industry trailblazers, the National Real Estate team has changed community revitalization in Central Florida.


National Real Estate has been a force in Central Florida in creating growth in urban systems. From single family in-fill to large scale community developments, National Real Estate has the team to specify the right projects for the sites, and the vertical and horizontal development and construction support to bring these projects to life. National Real Estate works with clients to attain highest and best use of real estate and has the resources needed to achieve efficient and predictable outcomes.


Professional investors always go after the greatest opportunities that exist in the market. What they do is not magic or luck; success is a combination of research, experience, and understanding the economic cycles of the market. We’ve done the legwork for you and taken the guesswork out of the equation. Over the last 15 years, our professionals have helped hundreds of investors through the process of owning and investing in real estate development projects.

Otto_s Exterior

HG Townhomes

HG SFR Elevation



Boulevard Oaks Rendering

210 N Bumby

2500 Curry Ford

2401 Curry Ford

1401 Clark – HG Townhomes

1401 Clark

210 N. Bumby Avenue

120 E. Main Street

6338 Lenape Lane

4084 Bruing Street

3586 Giblin Drive

8163 Eggelstom Avenue

4114 Azora Street

6235 Dundee Avenue

8445 SW 139th Loop

6216 SW 134th Loop

13189 SW 65th Circle

16284 SW 29th Court Road

13115 SW 73rd Avenue

3161 Tiburon Lane

1326 Swiss Lane

1155 Swanson Drive

3248 Dudley Drive

1612 Jessamine Avenue

2407 Lafayette Avenue

Lake Gleason Subdivision

2635 Curry Ford Road

400 N. Primrose Drive

1700 S. Bumby Avenue

2401 Curry Ford Road

2304 E Robinson Ottos

2304 E. Robinson Street

2500 Curry Ford Road

120 E. Main Street



  • 210 N. Bumby Avenue

    210 N. Bumby Avenue 210 N. Bumby Avenue Orlando, FL 32801

  • 120 E. Main Street

    120 E. Main Street 120 E. Main Street Lakeland, FL 33801

  • 2635 Curry Ford Road

    2635 Curry Ford Road Orlando, FL 32806

  • 400 N. Primrose Drive

    400 N. Primrose Drive Orlando, FL 32803

  • 1700 S. Bumby Avenue

    1700 S. Bumby Avenue Orlando, FL 32806

  • 2401 Curry Ford Road

    2401 Curry Ford Road Orlando, FL 32806

  • 2304 E. Robinson Street

    2304 E. Robinson Street Orlando, FL 32801

  • 2500 Curry Ford Road

    2500 Curry Ford Road Orlando, FL 32806