From young, passionate entrepreneurs, to experienced, heavy-hitting industry trailblazers, the husband-and-wife team of Giovanni & Elise Fernandez has changed community revitalization in Central Florida.

“Experience and professionalism are the foundation of our success, but it’s the continual reward of seeing residents and small-business owners beaming with pride that keeps us inspired. That rush of joy never gets old.”


• Real Estate Brokerage
• Property Management
• Development
• Construction


Giovanni Fernandez, Broker

Giovanni & Elise are dedicated to building environments that fill a need in the community, providing thoughtfully designed and curated communal hubs that unite residents. An equal amount of their time is devoted to selecting tenants and small business owners. Partnerships with local entrepreneurs are developed early on, helping to inform the direction and aesthetic of the development.

“We work closely with all of our tenants and hand-select each based on the needs of the community.”

Giovanni & Elise believe in building thriving communities for people and commerce for a brighter tomorrow.

“We’re driven to work hard, give back, and make a difference locally—for both Central Florida residents and for our own family.”