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Professional investors always go after the greatest opportunities that exist in the market. What they do is not magic or luck; success is a combination of research, experience, and understanding the economic cycles of the market. We’ve done the legwork for you and taken the guesswork out of the equation. Over the last 15 years, our professionals have helped hundreds of investors through the process of owning real estate by self-directing their IRA, using creative financing, or simply putting their cash to work.

Trends have shown and market growth has proven now is the time to buy real estate. We believe where and how you buy real estate is the difference between an average investment and an above average investment. Let us show you.

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Our philosophy is simple – it comes down to a simple who, what, where, when and how.



Picking the Right Market: The greatest opportunity in today’s economy is the ability to gain positive Cash Flow NOW in combination with Appreciation Cash LATER. Whether Central Florida, Las Vegas, Tampa, Charlotte or Houston, we ask ourselves “why invest in this particular market?”

  • Is the area unique to any other real estate market across the United States?
  • Were we able to purchase these homes in the low $100,000s 10 years ago? The answer should be NO.
  • Will we be able to purchase these homes in the low $100,000s 10 years from now? The answer should be probably NOT.

The combination of both cash flow and appreciation in one market is what actually makes this real estate economy unique and a strong market must offer these unique qualities to be considered a National Real Estate market.



Picking the Right Investment: There’s no such thing as the “right” investment, only the right investment for the right time. We consider a host of variables when deciding not only where and when to invest, but also what to invest in. We analyze foreclosure rates, cash flow of rents, occupancy rates, the rate of recovery in the market and use that information to inform every investment decision we make. Whether you’re looking for a single family, multi-family, or commercial investment property, we’ll help you navigate the pros and cons of each.



Creative Ways to Buy: Many would-be investors are intimidated and ultimately discouraged by the capital investment necessary to enter the market. Most investors think they need upfront cash, a line of credit, or to refinance their primary residence to get started. We’ve helped many investors self-direct their Traditional IRAs to invest property instead of traditional mutual funds and/or stocks as an alternative investment yielding higher returns, faster. At National Real Estate, we think beyond the traditional financing models to help you secure the investment opportunity you’re looking for.



Get Started: With rates and prices so low the market has no choice but to recover to the minimum which is the basic cost to build a home, rates have to correct to reduce inflation, and the population and employment growth in Central Florida provides an environment of success… now.



Why National Real Estate?: Our approach and track record of success have made us the real estate leader in Central Florida. Our team of professionals have completed over 1000 transactions in 4 years. The National Real Estate team is armed with the systems, knowledge, and enthusiasm to achieve the best outcomes and highest returns for all our investors – new and old.

We have been investing in Real Estate for over 15 years and have purchased and renovated thousands of homes for our investors. Our top priority is always our investor’s success. We have put together an A+ property management team to manage all of our properties in-house each with a laser focus on protecting your performing asset and ensuring the long-term success of your investment.


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    We have invested in various asset classes over the years, but it was only after meeting National Real Estate that we felt a level of comfort and trust to enter the residential investment sector. Since 2010, our partnership has been tremendously successful, resulting in positive cash flow and increased value of our substantial income producing residential portfolio.

    The Bruck Family
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    As a retiree, it was important to me to ensure my years of hard work and savings would continue to grow and allow me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The cashflow investment opportunity National Real Estate provided has outperformed my expectations and provided a sense of comfort for years to come.”

    Margaret Ivaldi
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    As an accountant, I scrutinize numbers daily. For me to invest in any turn-key strategy, the financials have to be sound and secure, and even more so when you are investing from afar as I have. For years, National Real Estate has consistently delivered returns on my investment that exceed traditional investments.

    Richard Martin
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    Misty did an amazing job selling my house. She was professional, thorough, and upbeat. She set up beautiful pictures that highlighted the best features of my home. The first weekend that my house was on the market, Misty arranged an Open House where I received two offers. My house sold in three days! It was a seamless process. I would recommend Misty and National Real Estate to all my friends and family!

    Rebekah Wilson